Whack Your Ex

Notice : This flash game is emulated using Ruffle. Sometimes it need more time to load in your browser so be patient.

Whack Your Ex is probably the most popular edition in the whole game series because here you can harm your ex girlfriend in many different creative ways. In fact this game was created just to take all anger out of you in this funny manner. The gameplay is pretty simple - you have to click different objects to activate the animation with violent scenes. This game is very interesting because you can choose your character - male or female and according to this, torture your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. Keep in mind that all the violent scenes in this game are just a part of the game, you should never try any of them in real life. Whack Your Ex is a retro game which was brought back to life using the new Flash emulator and now you can enjoy the game at our website. Let's find out if you can find all items to harm your ex.